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Benefits of hiring a customs broker:

At Prime Linkers, we specialize in providing hassle free customs clearance and forwarding service for international cargo to Pakistan and specifically in the cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Karachi and many more. Our expertise lies in creating value with quality for our local, national and overseas clientele, which makes us a renowned name amongst the custom brokers of Pakistan. We take care of the minutest details for flawless export and import of cargo, from determining freight origin to classification of tariff, precise valuation or engaging in recovery of duty or tax. Keeping in line with the recent customs directive pertaining to monetary penalties and post audit reviews, our service also extends to assessment of liabilities through relevant verification of customs compliance.

E-tools: A new era of automation

We are able to deliver premium quality service with a reduced turn around time through the efficient use of e-tools, through which we can ensure data exchange with our global clientele with proficiency. We intend to delight our clients through adding a new dimension to the concept of customs clearance through automation and real-time synchronization.

  • E-tools provide for a common central platform to store data that simplifies the process of extracting and sharing information to a great extent thereby facilitating collection of management reports and operation statistics on time.
  • As opposed to the laborious task of searching from old piles of documents, with e-tools information can be easily retrieved as and when reference in required.
  • Clients can now submit documents to Prime Linkers easily through the internet.
  • There has been a significant reduction in Turn around Time for the entire process of customs clearance. Our clients can avail the convenience of electronic application submission; rapid processing by us, automated computation of customs duties as well as automatic billing and keeping track of all customs payment, from any place of the world at any time.
  • In certain cases, with the help of e-tools, we can generate reminders, alerts and e-mails to our clients.

Through our in-depth knowledge of tariff schedules and customs regulation, we cater to specific service requirements of clients intending to import or export cargo. Every service we provide is a customer-centric solution, made all the more easy with the incorporation of e-tools. Our services broadly include:

  • Customs Brokerage: We provide for trouble-free clearing of cargoes through customs for importers as well as exporters from their local ports.
  • Customs Clearing: We ensure convenient clearing of customs in Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore at reasonable charges. We promise you the correct pre-import quote.
  • Customs Consultancy: Customs consultancy is one of our value added services for customers who are in need of assistance for import or export of cargoes.
  • Freight Forwarding: Our logistics experts are proficient in all transportation modes and would help you out with ground, air and ocean forwarding assistance.

Prime Linkers is your ultimate destination for all custom clearing requirements. We offer our customers the best quality service, thoroughly automated through our e-tools system.