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Custom broker is a profession that involves clearing goods through customs for importers and exporters at their local port. Established in 1991, in Pakistan, Prime Linkers is a business venture, highly specialized in Customs clearance and support. We serve a wide range of customers from a variety of industries. Through high-quality customs brokerage services, we help our customers reach their business goals in the most efficient manner. We strive to provide a wide range of services including sea port, air port, dry port custom brokerage, warehousing, packing, and project handling services. Our customer-oriented approach has allowed us to create a well respected name in the industry for customs clearance.

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Benefits of hiring a customs broker:

There are lots of benefits of hiring a Pakistan Customs House Agent. Shipping principles are getting very strict day by day just because of the continuous change in safety and other customs regulations and authorities.

More and more formalities to be filled, lots of paperwork are involved that has to be finished with every consignment. If something gets missed the consignment will be held up due to which company will suffer with more losses due to demurrage costs. We have a technical professional staff that avoids the delay in the clearance and also avoid other detention charges like heavy demurrage. In order to work safely with smooth delivery, it is very important that one should hire Customs broker.

Other benefit of hiring Customs broker in Lahore, Faisalabad or Karachi is that we have a fast and reliable shipment brokerage services because we know that in business the competition level is increasing. Different types of shipment needs of many suppliers are being observed by our (Head Office) Prime Linkers Customs broker in Lahore. Our customs brokerage agency tracks the shipment and it’s clearing to its destination. All the clients working with our Customs Broker Agents Karachi, Faisalabad or Lahore feels relaxed and convenient. A client gets assured that we will give them seamless and quick freight forwarding or customs house broker experience, which provides correct arrival time.

Prime Linkers Customs Broker’s principal commitment is to provide superior service to our clients. We take great pride in the talent of our team, the depth of their expertise and the joint effort employed in responding to our clients' needs.