Car, Vehicle & Auto Customs Brokers Prime Linkers

Prime Linkers provides clearance services for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes and scooters. Our service is extremely reliable and we get your shipment the lowest available legal duty charges. We know your time is important. That is why, we wrap up the clearance process quickly. We provide emailed billing and accept all credit cards. Talk about convenience!

The Prime Linkers Advantage

At Prime Linkers, you are in control of your shipments. We streamline your import and the customs brokerage process. We are family-owned licensed customs brokers. No matter whether you are an individual or a company, we can take care of all your vehicle imports. Our experienced agents help you obtain a good evaluation of your vehicle, make payments for your third party insurance, your gate pass and help you get your Customs Clearance Certificate quickly, without any difficulties.

Both Vehicle Import and Export Assistance

If you are importing a vehicle from abroad, we can work with the shipping lines, the relevant customs department and the port where your shipment will arrive to give you a smooth and tension-free auto clearance.

If you have purchased a vehicle and want to take it with you to your country, we can help you get clearance at your local port/border. If you intend to drive it yourself, we can help you in the clearance procedures at the border.

If you are a visiting citizen, or a traveler who has brought his automobile, we can help you complete all the formalities so that you do not have any difficulty using your automobile in the country you are visiting.

Trust the expertise of Car, Vehicle & Auto Customs Brokers Prime Linkers. You won't look elsewhere the next time.