Prime Linkers: A Trusted Customs Clearing Agent

As a customs clearing broker, our team of professionals work to serve our clients at the highest levels of quality in all respects. We are licensed as a customs clearing broker, which enables us to deliver smooth and trouble free services on a regular basis to our new and established clients. Based on a long-term relationship with the customs authority, we have built a reputation as a well-established and reliable customs clearing agent in Pakistan.

Our customs clearing department is always looking to expand our knowledge in order to improve the customs clearing process, to align with international and Pakistan legislation. We strive to earn the title of the best customs clearing agent with our clients. Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi distances or any other distance in Pakistan, as well international transportation requirements are covered through a combination of advanced technology and competent service.

A complex network of connections allows us to deliver all services in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable prices. Whether it is short distance logistics requirements, such as Lahore Faisalabad, Karachi or more complex routes, Prime Linkers is the logistics and customs clearing agent you need. Especially dedicated to the US sector of the industry, our company is working with the most reliable steamship lines and air cargo companies in the world, always looking for new and reputable collaborations to benefit our clients.

Hire the Air Freight Services of Pakistan for Safe Transportation and Logistics Purposes

Once reserved for emergencies and transportation of critical products, Air cargo has now become an essential element of the logistics networks worldwide. Air freight services of Pakistan are an excellent option for maintaining optimal balance between space, time, cost, and frequency. Air cargo is a reasonably effective way of reducing inventory costs and improving customer services. In Pakistan, for transportation and logistics purposes modern aircrafts are there which can handle thousands of pounds of cargo to any other part of the world. Typically, the airfreight commodities are medical supplies, high value products, time sensitive supplies and other essential products.

In Pakistan, air freight forwarding is an integral part of the transport services and provides transportation and logistics solutions to businesses and customers worldwide. International freight forwarding is the process by which products are moved from the point of origin to the overseas destination and ensuring the safety, timely arrival, and economic price. In the early 1980s, Pakistan emerged in this field and now there are many-reputed freight forwarding Lahore , Karachi and Faisalabad based firms that are catering to the customers need. The freight forwarding Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad based companies have considerable export markets in North America, Gulf/Middle East, European Union, and South East Asia. Although other cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot, Islamabad and many other notable cities are also having competent freight forwarding agent and firms.

In its early years, the air freight forwarding industry’s growth remained relatively suppressed, and later on by offering many integrated services it slowly moved up the value chain. Airline freight services of Pakistan are now becoming globally recognized logistics specialists after including the services of inventory control to overseas buying chains. Provision of value added services and growing business volumes have transformed the logistic forwarding business into a high capital-intensive business. Freight forwarding companies have extremely well established clients including both the multinationals and local companies.

Benefits of Ocean Freight Forwarding

The Ocean freight is the most traditional and popular procedure to send cargo commercially. The sea has always been a widely accepted means of transporting large amount of goods. There are numerous types of ocean freights available and out of them we have three main types - freight shipment, household goods and express parcels.

There are various other means of shipments as well but when it comes to deliver heavy shipments to long distances then the ocean freight service is mostly preferred. On the other hand the transportation through air is also possible for fast service but it is much costlier as compared to sea freight forwarding. The shipping industry in today’s scenario is making much of its business in transport and logistics. A large number of service providers are operating in the field of cargo forwarding. The sea freight forwarding is also one of the safest and easiest ways to deliver the goods. The cargos carrying these shipments have large spaces and fragile items that can be safeguarded easily.

At present a large number of service providers are even working on a regular basis for their clients. Some of the freight forwarding agents have gained a good reputation for their brand names. These service providers generally have a tie up with the sea cargo carrier agencies. Most of the companies always prefer to forward goods and container to their destination via sea as it is a cheap as well as safe for the shipments.

The prominent service providers utilize the services of existing ship suppliers to forward the goods. These service providers also work with air cargo forwarding agencies for the situations where the location or the time is an issue for the client which makes their services flexible as well. The freight shipping can be a time consuming procedure but will definitely ensure you with the safety and cost effectiveness. It won’t be exaggeration if it is said that the cargo forwarding service stands as the only way to handle bulk goods and container shipments.

When it comes to make a choice one can easily trust the reputed agencies that have been operating in the industry. Today in the world of information technology it becomes much easier to find and chose the best transport and logistics forwarding agency. The information regarding these agencies can easily be searched on Internet and most of them have their own websites for the purpose and one can easily receive a quote online for the shipment instead of reaching their physical offices.

You can also avail more information regarding the cargo forwarding services from the Internet. It is also easy to make a comparison between various local service providers on the basis of the technologies and services they provide. The renowned service providers always have a room for every kind of shipment according to the specific needs and requirements of clients. In order to forward large shipments the container forwarding could be a better option for the service provider. One can search for the service provider with location for instance freight forwarding Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. If you need more information and assistance you can easily get in touch.

Ground Freight

An article, piece of equipment, machinery or for that matter any article, assumes value, when it is at the right place at the right time. Place and time are important components for obtaining the absolute utility of goods. A vendor may be importing or exporting goods from or to a country and it is natural that the delivery of the item is needed within a stipulated time frame. A delay may result in the item becoming useless or it may have become obsolete by the time it reaches the intended recipient. You must be wondering why the importance of delivery at the right time is being overemphasised? Well in a business scenario it could make or break the enterprise and efficiency in freight handling and logistics is of utmost importance.

For those in the business of export and import, the terms – logistic forwarding, transportation and logistics or freight forwarding agent are very much an integral part of business. An efficient freight forwarding agent could contribute hugely in the success of the enterprise.

Foreign trade in each country is regulated by a set of policies. These policies and rules change from time to time based in the countries macro and micro priorities. It is no different in Pakistan. All related parties, viz. Import-Export business houses, custom officials and freight forwarding agents have to be aware of the prevalent rules so that they face no hindrance while conducting business. Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad are two of the most important cities of Pakistan and are vibrant trade centres. It is therefore quite natural that freight forwarding Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad is an often searched term on the internet. Logistic forwarding, transportation and logistics and similar services are offered by a lot of agencies. However, success needs hard work, commitment and the technique to get the best possible results for the client in the particular situation. Striving to provide this to all clients in letter and spirit is what breeds success, and with success comes association and faith.

Ground freight forwarding requires special set of skills and knowledge which is different from ocean and air freight handling. Knowing about the prevalent taxes in each area, octroi rates and any other rule which is relevant is the key to successful transportation. Proper networking is another key requirement for proper transportation and logistics. Strong local and international presence, warehousing facilities, inland transport operation, customs brokerage and other related facilities which efficient freight forwarding agents offer. To and fro movement of goods from Faisalabad, Karachi and Lahore make it imperative that the best services are provided for freight forwarding Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad and all traders, small, medium and large business of these two cities look for able handlers who can take care of all their logistic forwarding needs. Seamless transportation and logistics arrangement are highly sought after and all agents providing such services are guaranteed to be much in demand.

It may be relevant to quote that "If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. (Jim Rohn). So plan your work and think before you choose the right ground freight agent.