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Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Customs Clearing Agent

Import and export of goods or transporting the same from one location to another within a country seems impossible without the help of a customs clearing agent. A customs house agent is one who has the license to serve as an agent in the process of the transportation of goods at the customs station. For business entrepreneurs, it is difficult to keep track of the complex and evolving rules and regulations. A customs clearing agent in Lahore Pakistan can be appointed for they take up the entire responsibility of clearing the goods and hence, facilitate a prompt and timely delivery, which is so very essential for the businesses.

Customs Clearing Agent

Role Played by the Professionals

It is not without reason that the professionals in the field are considered so important. They have a lot of duties to perform and are actually administered by a body, known as the “Customs House Agents Licensing Regulations”. It is interesting to learn about some of the tasks they perform in order to understand their usefulness and why availing their services is must. Here is a look into some of them:

  • To begin with, the person has to gain the approval of the principal authorities prior to clearing the goods and prepare an authorization letter to produce when asked for it by the commissioner.
  • He must get ready all the documents and handle the entire paperwork that should also bear his name.
  • It is the duty of the agent to let the clients know about all the provisions of the government and other regulations that need to be followed. He will be answerable if there is an obstacle in the process of the transaction as a result of the failure to adhere to certain guidelines.
  • The customs clearing agent has to clear all payments as well. The duties and taxes that he receives from the client should immediately be paid to the government authorities. Maintaining the documents ranging from the bill of entry to the shipping bills and taking care of the financial transactions happens to be among his most essential duties.
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Few Benefits of Obtaining Professional Customs Clearing Services

Customs Clearing

Transportation of goods across boundaries calls for an elaborate and complex process. The imported and exported goods need to be cleared through the customs. Custom brokers or custom clearing agents communicate with the national and international government authorities and handle numerous formalities in facilitating a faster shipment and delivery of goods. Although obtaining the services of a customs clearing agent in Karachi Pakistan will require you to bear additional expenses, it is impossible to operate smoothly without the clearing solutions.

Here is why it is so:

Convenient Operation of Business

With the international shipping rules and regulations changing at regular intervals and turning out to be stricter, missing out a single paperwork leads to unending troubles. The entire dispatch can be delayed for quite a long time, paving the way for severe losses of the business. Custom clearing agents, with their updated knowledge of the regulations and expertise in handling the formalities, ensure that there is no obstacle in the way of transportation. A successful consignment indicates to the hassle- free and convenient functioning of any import- export business.

Fulfillment of all Legal and Financial Requirements

The process of shipment of goods has financial complications as well. The numerous paperwork that has to be executed include calculating the exchange rates, taxes and excise taxes, duties, transport rates, appraisal and classification of logo and so on. All these areas are impossible to be understood leave aside handling by people with little know- how about the particular area of work. The customs clearing agents, on the other hand, deal in these matters on a regular basis and hence, are able to cater to every requirement.

You can find agencies that focus on the specific area of customs brokerage and clearance though there are several freight forwarding agencies that include customs clearance within their service coverage.

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